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Posted by Robin on Jul 21, 2019

The Various Types of Drug Charges

Simply turn on the television and watch the news and you’re bound to see a report about an individual arrested or convicted for a drug charge. Drug charges are among the most commonly prosecuted in our criminal justice system. Because of their commonality in our criminal justice system, it is important to be knowledgeable about the various types of drug charges.

I compiled a shortlist with accompanying verbs designed to educate about the different types of drug charges an individual can face with our justice system. Read them carefully to stay informed about the world around you and stay informed about your rights.

A Quick Note…

It is important to note that the severity of the crime, the sentence an individual may be facing, and the process for prosecuting the crime may depend on the drug in question. This blog will discuss drug charges in general, not focusing on a specific substance in particular. It is also important to recognize that drug laws vary state by state, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules where you live.

Drug Possession

Drug possession is among the most common drug charges in our justice system. Drug possession is the crime of having an illegal substance in your possession, whether that is for your own recreational use, distribution, or sale.

Drug Sale

Drug sales charges are designed to stop the sale and distribution of illegal substances to individuals who will consume them for personal use or resell them themselves. Prosecutors are known to aggressively go after these charges in an effort to stop drug possession crimes from even happening in the first place.

Drug Manufacturing

If you have been involved in the production of an illegal substance, it is possible you may be charged with a drug manufacturing crime. This is a felony offense, and as such, it carries with it severe penalties if you are convicted.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking charges usually are put on individuals who intend to distribute illegal substances. This intent can be proven by the amount of substance presence, the presence of a weighing device and packaging implement designed to compartmentalize the substance.

Drug Paraphernalia

In many states, having drug paraphernalia in your possession, such as a bong or pipe, is a misdemeanor charge. While this is considered less serious than a felony charge, misdemeanor charges can still leave a mark on your record and burden you with fines.

What to Do…

If you are facing any of the above charges, it is beyond crucial that you contact a criminal defense attorney specializing in drug charges.

Don’t attempt to represent yourself — spend the money on an attorney at a firm like Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, who knows all the best defenses to employ in your case. Sentences for drug charges can leave permanent marks on your record that makes it difficult for you to apply to jobs or even secure housing. The fines incurred from these charges may hurt you financially, making it harder for you to get your life back on track

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