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Posted by Robin on Mar 27, 2017

Sexual Abuse, the least Reported, yet, the most Humiliating Abuse in Nursing Homes

Many families choose to put their elderly loved ones into nursing homes to ensure they receive the attention and assistance necessary to thrive and be healthy. Many nursing homes prey on the handicaps of the elderly, committing abuses that cause elderly people return home in worse condition than they were before. These abuses can take many shapes and forms, and cause serious harm to the elderly. Perhaps the most devastating consequence of the abuse is the psychological harm that is inflicted onto the victim. Only time can heal the mental damage that prolonged abuse causes, and some elderly people may not have the time necessary to fully recover.”

The most common forms of abuses nursing home residents are made to suffer from include physical abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse and, the most degrading and wicked of all, sexual abuse. This last type of abusive conduct is committed in various ways, including showing of pornographic materials, forced nudity, fondling, forcing another resident to kiss or touch the victim and, worst of all, forced penetrative acts.

Despite the gravity of the offense, sexual abuse is the least reported type of abuse due to the humiliation a victim feels. Some signs of sexual abuse are bruises, blood stains, rips in undergarments, sudden trouble standing, sitting, or walking, newly discovered sexually transmitted diseases, pain or injury in pelvic area, and inappropriate or atypical behavior. It is not easy to detect signs of sexual abuse; victims also very rarely confide with anyone about the abuse committed against them due either to fear or shame. Thus, rather than reveal the abuses committed against him/her, a victim rather becomes withdrawn, silent, sensitive to touch, evasive of eye contact and low-esteemed. Often sexually abused victims also sustain laceration or other wounds which he/she would refuse to explain the cause of.

Trusting anybody with loved ones is a difficult thing, but when this trust is betrayed and people are hurt, justice needs to be served.

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