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Posted by Robin on Oct 9, 2015

Riding a Sinking Business? Here’s What you Need to Do

In this day and age of economic downturn, market pressures and more stringent competition, it is normal for many businesses to face a wide range of challenges. As a business owner bombarded with countless financial problems, it is important to first re-assure yourself that you are not the only businessman facing the same issues that you have. In this geography of volatility and unpredictability, no enterprise is really spared from dealing with all these hardships, and the key here is to know what to do in order to stay afloat and keep moving.

Look at the bigger picture

With all these problems at hand, you might be tempted to get busy monitoring each business process up close. However, not taking a step back to see the macro-picture would lead you to miss out on things that are more important. Although attention to every detail is needed especially in this time of austerity, do not forget to take a broader look to see the bigger picture. That way, you are detaching yourself from trivial, tactical things and are starting to be engaged in more strategic activities, such as root cause analysis and business planning.

Trim down your business, but do not cripple it

As you see your business in a more macro perspective, you may notice that there are segments, processes, and operations that you can actually let go. But although trimming down to reduce costs is necessary for your business survival, it can be dangerous too, especially if it negatively impacts how your business provides its goods/services. So, before you trim down, see if it can profoundly affect your return on investment.

Look for other ways

Refinancing your business through loan is among the most common action company owners take to improve cash flow. You may also seek financial aid from foreign investors. In certain situations, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy has also been proven effective in realigning a business’ financial status.


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