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Posted by Robin on Mar 5, 2016

How to Hire the Right Caregiver for your Loved One

Your loved one may need a lot of attention and if you can’t always provide them with the assistance they need, it may be time to hire caregiver. With thousands of candidates out there with caregiving experience, it can be daunting to attempt to hire someone without doing some research. Assuring that professional medical care will be administered correctly by a caregiver who shows kindness to your loved one is the ultimate goal when seeking to hire help.

There are two commonly used routes when it comes to selecting a caregiver. If you hire a caregiver directly, you have complete control over who you ultimately chose. If you use a placement agency, they handle all the paperwork, taxes, and legal issues when it comes to having a caregiver, as well as providing background checks and training for caregivers.

No matter what route you take, there are a few things to consider before officially hiring a caregiver:

  • Taxes/Financial concerns: It is illegal to pay your caregiver under the table. A hiring agency can take care of the financial side of caregiving. If you chose to do it yourself, you will have to learn how to file taxes for a caregiver
  • Immigration status: Make sure you see your caregiver’s I9 form before hiring
  • Background checks: Running a background check is essential when hiring a caregiver. You could even friend them on Facebook to get a better idea of who they are
  • Legal concerns: A clear contract established when hiring a caregiver can prevent problems in the future
  • References: Assure that references are provided and call these individuals. Pay close attention to complaints and consider length of time the caregiver worked. Staying with the same patient for a long period of time is a positive sign
  • Licensing: Have they had nursing training? Do they know CPR? Ask to see documentation of these different certifications based on your needs
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