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Posted by Robin on May 25, 2019

Eighteen Wheels of Danger

It’s hard to not be a little wary of eighteen-wheelers. They’re massive vehicles, sometimes even weighing in at over sixteen tons! This cumbersome trucks can make even the most seasoned racecar driver nervous. Not only are they massive, but they are also clunky and awkward to drive. The weight distribution means that a sharp turn can cause the cargo hold to sway back and forth during the turn. Getting caught in between two commercial trucks almost feels like a trap- the sun seems to disappear when these trucks surround a sedan, their massive height blocking out any sort of light.

In addition to their size, commercial trucks often carry dangerous chemicals, like gasoline or another highly-flammable substance. Any amount of wobbling from these carrier trucks will cause the cars behind them to wait with bated breath until there’s enough separating the truck from the onlookers.

An accident caused by a negligent truck driver can have catastrophic repercussions to the victim. Instead of it being a minor fender-bender that barely scratches up a paint job, a collision with an eighteen-wheeler will decimate whoever is in the way. Many lives are lost each year due to accidents with eighteen-wheelers and other large commercial trucks. The people responsible for operating these vehicles have to undergo strict training before they can obtain the proper license needed to drive a commercial truck for a living. These people are required to take certain breaks at certain times, and they can only drive for a set period of time before they have to take a legally-mandated break. These drivers also undergo extensive background testing, and they also can be subjected to drug testing. These tests weed out potentially-harmful drivers or drivers that have a history of negligence. Despite all of this, many negligent truck drivers set out on the road each and every morning. They make decisions that put themselves and others at risk. If you find yourself the victim of a severe collision with a truck driver in a nearby area, a truck accident lawyer in Seattle can help you get the assistance you need.

Because of the different parties involved, filing a claim against a truck driver is often difficult and time-consuming. Outside of the driver and the victim, other parties such as the company that hired the driver and the company in charge of maintaining the vehicle are involved. Having such a wide berth of people involved in this situation can be overwhelming. Shady insurance companies will take advantage of the confusing situation so that the driver can walk away scot-free. It’s extremely important to have a lawyer on your side that can help get you the proper settlement- one that pays for your medical expenses as well as any potentially lost wages. If a loved one has been killed due to an accident of this nature, make sure the driver is held accountable for his or her actions! If the correct steps aren’t taken, there will be more and more victims who don’t end up getting the proper treatment that they deserve.

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